Trails in the evening sky


I was introduced to the subject of chem trails by my teenage son when I commented on the trails being left behind several jets near our home. What caught my attention is that these trails do not evaporate like normal condensation.
Instead, you can see the vapor dropping and spreading in the atmosphere as it develops into a thin veil of cloud like matter.
Since that day several months ago I have done a lot of research and a lot of watching. I’m deeply disturbed by what I’ve read and what I continue to see. The photo above I took when walking to my car from the building I work in – just last week.
I don’t want to believe what I’ve read about chem trails, but I do know something odd is being done and its happening globally over urban areas. I will leave interested parties to do their own research and decide for themselves.
I wonder, how many of you have seen the lingering trails and wonder why they spread instead of evaporating?
Do you see grids like we do, and days where it is very heavy and others where there is none at all?
It’s good to question. Questioning is seeking knowledge and truth.


Pressing the Reset button


Stress sucks.  I think everyone will agree with that statement.  And I am certain that pretty much everyone in our society (US) below the 1% is under far more stress than our bodies and minds are designed to process.

This year, even though we really couldn’t afford it, I forced us to venture away from home so that we could essentially press the reset button and get a fresh breath of life beyond the stresses.

Reset attempt #1 – A couple of weeks ago the husband and I along with a friend took all of our kids to the beach for a short vacation.  In addition to giving ourselves a much-needed change of scenery and time to “unplug” from our daily lives, we were hoping to “re-set” our kids.  HA – EXERCISE IN FUTILITY!!

We stayed up late playing games, and the second day we slept in and didn’t go to the beach until later in the afternoon/evening because we all got a wee bit too much sun the first day.  We all know better, but we did it anyway.  We casually worked our way through the last two days.  I love vacations that are not piled full of scheduled events – I don’t consider that kind of routine a vacation.  I want no clock or calendar telling me what I’m supposed to be doing.

When the beach trip came to an end and we began the trip home, we had four cooked kids and three less stressed adults.  The ocean claimed my too expensive magnetic sunglasses – you know the kind that stick to your prescription glasses.  But I’m okay with that, those kinds of  things can be replaced.  I’ll be replacing them by wearing my DD’s sunglasses over my regular ones – going cheap!

Why would I wear them out into the surf and crashing waves?  Well, I have a deep-seated need to be able to see my kids clearly as they stretch my nerves to the limit by progressing ever further out into the surf.  And, I find myself watching little schools of fish, worrying about bull sharks – or any shark for that matter.  And, I LOVE to watch the brown pelicans dive for fish.  They aren’t pretty birds, but so very cool, and one of my favorites.  And, in all honesty, I love playing in the waves as much as my kids do.  That’s why my sunglasses are gone.  I love the ocean.  Always have, always will.

Even though I had to scrimp and save and borrow for our little trip, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.   My friend and I have figured out a way to share our vacation time on a tight budget and really enjoy ourselves.  We aren’t picky, and so are comfortable staying in older cottages.  As long as we have a kitchen, bathroom with a shower, clean beds, working AC, and no creepy crawlies all is good.  My friend and I are very fortunate to share very similar patience levels, and our kids have always gotten along famously.  They’ve been great friends now for 10 years.  Oh boy, that just aged me.  My husband serves as our comedic relief carrier of heavy stuff. 😉  Now, back to this idea of pressing the reset button.

Every summer, every holiday, and a lot of weekends our kids fall into nocturnal mode.  Much to the detriment of my rare and much-needed alone time, our circadian rhythms, and smooth starts to school weeks.  My friend has the same problem.  What does not help is that we, the adults,  also fall into the pattern of nocturnal existence.  I’ve always been happier working late into the night and sleeping until 9-10 am.  But, that does not work for my teaching schedule at all.  Nor does it work for a student of public schools.  Are we too soft with our kids?  Yes.  Could we be more assertive and demanding with them?  Yes.  Will we be successful in doing so? That answer is pending review of upcoming events.

Reset attempt #2 – We need to add more control to our lives and get these kids back on a regular sleeping track well before school gets back in session.  Mandatory pool time minimum two hours of hardcore play time.
We had us and our kids, my friend and her two kids, and another friend with her two kids.
The goal?  Get some stinking exercise, outside; relate with your friends in person instead of online, and get a better night’s sleep to get your bodies back on track.

Did it work?  Yes and No.

The kids did have a blast even though half of them complained at first.  While they played in the water, the adults caught up and made carpool plans for the coming school year.  We had blueberry muffins, cream soda pound cake, Nutter butters, and tacos – odd combinations, yes.  Kool-aid, green tea with honey, water, and wine (not for the kids, if you need clarification there).
We had planned for two hours, but it grew into 3 1/2.  That’s more than okay!

The results:  Our DS, he was in bed asleep by 11pm and awake this morning by 8am- amazing!  On his own today, he went out twice walking with his group of friends!  His blood is circulating again!!
DD not so lucky.  She was still up way too late. I’ll be tackling her with a different strategy.  No excuses, she is predisposed to sleep issues.  On the positive side, she did have a friend over and spent a few hours in the sun and water.  Progress!

The kids all thanked me for having them come over, and I know they enjoyed themselves.  You can’t really fake enthusiastic enjoyment.  I announced that this is not the last one.

We will be hosting a few more “get your butt outside” events before school starts – we all need to press our reset buttons!

Me, I don’t want school to start back up, I want to go back to the beach.

Advertising your children…an exercise in stupidity…I think so

I am a parent.  From the very first time I saw one of these stickers on the back of a car I was dumbfounded at the sheer stupidity of it.  Not only do these stickers have the name of a child emblazoned on them, but they also have names of schools, dance academies, sports facilities, and even sometimes years of attendance or graduation.

It is very sad that we find ourselves living in a time where we have to regularly worry about pedophiles, rapists, and so on but the fact is – we do.  In a world where it is ever more difficult to protect your children what on earth possesses people to literally advertise their children to the public?

You don’t have to put a sticker on your car to prove you are proud of your kids.  It should be spoken loudly in your actions and words of praise directly to them.  Expressed in phone calls to your relatives.  But not plastered to the outside of your vehicle where absolutely every kind of person on the planet can read it.

I have a tendency to see the extreme side of pretty much everything.  And when it comes to kids (and animals), I am “über” protective.  I hope and pray that not one single window sticker has led to endangering a child.  But, just the possibility is enough for me to NEVER advertise my kids on my car.  I don’t need to.  They know I love them and that I’m proud of them.  I don’t need an adhesive piece of plastic to prove my pride and love.  I’d much rather take them out for ice cream.

About the name

Two years ago, I was sitting in a large auditorium with several hundred other educators for our district’s annual motivational speaker. Don’t remember his name, doesn’t really matter; because after 20+ years in education one thing rings true. THEY ARE ALL THE SAME, and being forced to listen to them year after year is an exercise of redundancy!

Every single one of them has come from some “tough” background rising above harsh circumstances becoming “exceptional educators” who now want to spread their words of wisdom on to other teachers. But, you know what….if they really were “exceptional”, they never would have left the classroom in the first place – realizing that it is IN THE CLASSROOM where you make the biggest impact.

They’ve all been able to “reach” those hard-to-reach, “at-risk” kids that so many educators find it hard to teach. But, if they REALLY CARED about those kids, they never would have left the classroom in the first place! If they REALLY CARED about quality education, that is where they would be making real impact.

The message is always the same – “hey teachers!, YOU can reach them too…you can do what I did…WELL GUESS WHAT Mr. and Ms. motivational, education speaker…….I DO!! Every single school day!! And you know what makes me a better teacher than you?? I HAVE NOT ABANDONED THE KIDS!!!! I make a difference to an average of 180 kids a year…multiply that by the 20+ years I’ve taught, and BAM! 3,600+/- students, 3600+/- impressionable minds have crossed my path. I know for a fact I have a positive impact on them, they tell me every year. They come back and tell me years later. The reason very simply is, I treat them with respect, like young human beings with minds ready to absorb with thoughts and opinions developing and hoping for an open ear to listen.

I’m not in it for the money…I work in the state that ranks 49th for teacher salary in the nation. (Boy is that another post waiting to happen!) We don’t have unions here that negotiate our pay like many of the northern and east coast states. But, back to those “motivational speakers”. They ARE in it for the money, make no mistake. They left making the biggest and most important impact they could make for the oh so powerful dollar. (Well, not really so powerful these days, but that’s yet another post subject!). 😉

Forgive me, I digress. Back to the reason for my blog’s name. So I’m sitting in this congregation of redundancy when this speaker starts putting together random phrases of words that normally wouldn’t go together and moves on to asking his audience to participate by speaking such a phrase to the person next to them. Well, I just happened to be seated next to a younger teacher who has an obnoxious sense of humor like myself, and when I look at her I blurt out, “selective optimismthat’s the most I can muster sitting here when I could be making so much more progress planning and prepping to meet my new students in a few days“. She laughed along with me, and for the rest of that school year we would stand outside our classroom doors between classes and randomly speak the words, “selective optimism”, sometimes with some other words of sarcasm to follow. I would say of all things we came out of that motivational event with a phrase that connected us and kept us giggling for a long while. Two years later, we will still randomly speak that phrase and giggle. It has become a motto of mine because it fits so much of how I see the world in my almost middle age – granted I live to be 100 or more. And I do plan to do so. I have an awful lot to do.

I should state that I am fully aware that these speakers probably were good teachers at some point in their careers, until they made the choice to leave the classroom. And, they are NOT the only educators who have risen up above tough childhood and adolescent circumstances to make something of themselves. Standing on a stage, telling your life story and then telling teachers what they already know and do, is a waste of mine and most other teacher’s educational prep and collaboration time. Teachers have sat through countless workshops and speeches from the latest “great thing” in education. It is ALL THE SAME WITH A DIFFERENT NAME. They get paid ridiculous amounts of money by districts that should be going to student education, and they are promoting their books! Survey any group of teachers and they will tell you, my time could have been spent so much more constructively. Like so many other things in our society today, education is filled with people selling their ideas which are just ideas that have been regurgitated multiple times over decades, with new titles that “speak” to the current time.

I think my greatest hope for education in this country is that by some miracle administrators and policy makers get it through their thick and/or empty skulls (no offense to my wonderful campus administration – they actually get it – and I am blessed to be in the place I am now! …no joke there) that what teachers need are resources and time with colleagues to develop truly creative and challenging curriculum. It would help a lot too if our society in general actually respected education. (yet another post subject).

So, that’s where the name came from. And as I’ve become more seasoned over the years, much like a cast iron skillet, I do look at life on all levels with a deep sense of “selective optimism“, because change and progress are always possible.

Peace, Love, Blessings, and Knowledge to you all.